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Home Of The World's Finest Avocado Oil

Founded in 2013,
Crofts produces the finest quality extra virgin avocado oil in the world! 

We believe in a truly healthy oil,
produced ethically with nothing added to the process. 

Crofts is the only company in the world that hand sorts each avocado before pressing for oil. This means we pick only, perfectly ripe fruits for extra virgin avocado oil production. To ensure we don’t waste anything,
we produce crude avocado oil from the overripe/rotten avocados.



Our award-winning extra virgin avocado oil is in high demand the world over! With no marketing, it’s really the most well-known “secret!”  

Our avocado oil is 100% natural and unrefined. The oil is extracted using a single cold pressed production method, which retains all essential nutrients. 
We guarantee a completely chemical and additive free extraction process and produce over 400MT of some of the best quality avocado oil per year.