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Crofts was founded by Miraj Shah & Mitul Shah in 2013 with the goal of producing the highest quality avocado oil in the world. After searching for the best avocados in Kenya for nearly 2 years, we imported high-quality European machinery to produce our oil.

We began production in 2015 and quickly improved our oil’s quality. By 2017, we were producing some of the best oil in the world. In 2018, we received 2 stars at the Great Taste Awards in London, making us the best-tasting oil in the competition.

Our passion for avocados and understanding of both the growing and production processes have led to our success. We value our farmers greatly and are grateful for the opportunity to create high-quality products from their avocados.

Our mission is to produce the best quality extra virgin avocado oil in the world and make it available to all. Our process is simple: we source avocados from farmers in Kenya, ripen them in-house, and press for oil. This allows us to produce great quality oil from good quality farm fruits.

Meet Our Team

Our professional and dedicated team is here to serve you!  

Miraj Shah – Co-Founder & Director.
CEO and Head of Sales and Production 

Mitul Shah – Co-Founder & Director.
CFO and Head of Sourcing 

Great Taste Awards

Crofts prides itself on quality. The Great Taste Awards are coveted in the UK to distinguish a product with exceptional taste. Winning our 2nd award in 2022 and being the best tasting avocado oil in the competition was an honour! Our clients have been saying our oil is some of the best in the world, and the award is proof that we achieve exactly what set out to do – make the best quality avocado oil in the world!