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As avocados are seasonal, avocado oil production is also seasonal and our season in Kenya typically runs from April – October each year (with some exceptions). We don’t store oil outside of this season and ensure our customers are supplied with the freshest oil possible. 

Extra Virgin Avocado oil – our EVAO is produced from perfectly ripe, edible hass avocados. These fruits are hand sorted and cold pressed at low temperatures to preserve the integrity and flavour of the oil. This is the best quality oil you can obtain from avocados!  

Crude avocado oil – is produced from overripe/rotten avocados that are not suitable for extra virgin oil production. It is also cold pressed however is not edible and requires further processing. This oil can be used in cosmetics, or can be refined to produce an edible grade oil. 

Refined avocado oil (RBDW) – Is produced by further processing crude avocado oil to produce a neutral tasting, pale yellow, shelf stable edible avocado oil.