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We are a company that prides ourselves on fair trade. Our contracts are pro-fair trade, and we pay a price that is higher than the market price for avocados. This ensures our farmers are treated fairly and rewarded well. 

Crofts recognizes that we have a responsibility to our suppliers and customers. As such, we ensure that our farmers are treated with the utmost importance. They receive training and advice on how to care for their trees and ensure they receive the highest productivity possible. Our pro-fair trade contracts requires them to not use any pesticides/fertilizers on their trees. This ensures the fruit is as “organic” as possible, and thus our customers are getting the most natural oil possible. 

Our large farmer network allows us to procure huge volumes of avocados. Our very large production capacity means the avocados are never enough! 

Come talk to us about supplying avocados and we’d be happy to have you be a part of the Crofts Family!